Daryl O. Schlicher

Daryl Schlicher

Born: 1965

Died: Hope not!

Buried: not deceased

Marriage Date: Saturday, May 27, 1989

Married to: Carolyn L. Kern

Children: Abigail, Elisabeth, Micaiah, Tabitha, Simeon

Special notes about this person: Darryl is the son of Donald and Sandra (Wright) Schlicher and grandson of Florence (Engleman) Schlicher, and he has attended the Reunion his whole life, except for a scattered few summers. He is currenly a Solutions Manager with Versatile, Inc. in Mechanicsburg, PA. Darryl and Carolyn together operate LiquidWholeFood.com, a nutrition business.

Darryl grew up working the farm of the present Reunion site. He has served in many positions with the Reunion and, along with his father Donald, through the years has done even more behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth Reunion for attendees.

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