Solomon and Elizabeth (Pe[a]rson) Gable

Solomon & Elizabeth Gable

Born: 1838

Died: March 3, 1912

Buried: Saturday, March 9, 1912, Chestnut Hill Church Cemetery, Coopersburg, PA

Marriage Date: October 28, 1860 in Jerusalem Reformed Church in West Salisbury.

Married to: Elizabeth (Pe[a]rson) Gable [d. May 9, 1899]

Children: Harvey S., Willoughby A., Byron S., Hugh, Wayne C., Henry C., Minnie E., John C., Margaret, Robert

Special notes about this person: Solomon and Elizabeth would have spoken Pennsylvania Dutch, probably exclusively. Solomon is the "father" of the present day "Gable Reunion." They lived in lower Lehigh County, PA near the Chestnut Hill church. The home can be seen off the right side of the northbound lanes of the northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, north of Quakertown.

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