Gloria (Moser) Gable

Gloria Gable

Born: January 15, 1928

Died: February 18, 2004


Marriage Date: May 20, 1948

Married to: Forrest R. Gable

Children: Dayl F., Sharon J., Kathy G.

Special notes about this person: Gloria's daughter, Kathy (AKA: Gable Young) writes, "The one of the most recent pictures that I have of my mom. I took it at my niece's high school graduation. Mom could no longer walk, but wild horses couldn't keep her from Katie's graduation. She was so proud! Katie Weber was valedictorian of her class.

After my mom died, I found a newspaper clipping in my mom's kitchen drawer. It was an article on Katie's academic achievements. Next to the article in my mom's writing were the words, 'My Granddaughter.'

Mom was very proud of all of her grandchildren and they all feel her loss. It is so important for a kid to have someone in their life who thinks that the sun rises and shines on them."